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Jess C. - Northridge, CA - Hello Everyone, I would personally highly recommend Andres. He has personally helped me with my fitness goals and workouts. Most importantly, he meets his clients where they at. His very self motivate and provides the guides that will benefit his clients. Till this day, we keep in touch and he continues to provide me with guidance. Thank you giving back to your community.


Nancy T. - Moreno Valley, CA - I highly recommend Manzo Fitness to anyone looking to loose weight, gain some muscle, or to simply be healthy which is the most important thing. Remember, your biggest asset is yourself so lets take care of ourselves. The change starts within, give Manzo Fitness a try. I am 30yrs old and I have noticed that now is really hard for me to loose weight, I get tired easy is not the same like when I was younger . I am still currently in my own personal program (meal plan/ workout routines) that Manzo fitness personalized created for me and is amazing. I have seen results so far and is not over yet. After the program I'll be posting before and after pictures! Can't wait


Sunjana M. Larkspur, CA - Andres is one of the most amazing trainers that I have ever talked to. Not only does he personalize your meals and work out plans but he also supports you in other aspects. Manzo Fitness is a company that has taught me how to not only take care of my body but to also take into consideration that my mental health is just as important. If you're looking for someone to help you change your lifestyle, whether it be by losing weight or changing the way you eat, I would highly recommend Manzo Fitness.

Mykel S. Reedley, CA - I was looking for a personal trainer, someone who can give me guidance and motivation to help me improve not only my physical appearance but to work on my health. After having a one on one consultation with Andres, figuring out my weight goals, he was able to help me with week by week personalized training sessions that were fit specifically for me. He offered several plans/sessions that best fit your needs. I saw improvement on my weight loss, eating habits, and overall motivation to keep trying. He also maintains communication and is always there to help in person or on call. Definitely recommend Manzo Fitness if you're looking for that one-on-one private specialized experience. 


Terry F. Clovis, CA - Two seniors here! We highly recommend Andres of Manzo Fitness.  We hired Andres, because we knew if we continued to do nothing, one day, one of us would be laying on the floor calling out "I've fallen and I can't get up".  From pass experience we knew we would not go to a Gym and we were too lazy to work out at home on our own, we needed help.  Andres Manzo Fitness to the rescue!

In just a few short months with Andres personally training us at our home twice weekly, 60 minutes sessions, our overall strength, flexibility and endurance has improved greatly!  Little things like standing up from a sitting position with ease, walking greater distances without the heavy breathing, improved upper body strength, all this, plus, lost 15 pounds.  

Andres has proven himself to be a very knowledgeable personal trainer, He is also trustworthy and reliable.  Andres listens to our goals and needs, then he adjust our workout accordingly.

We are so happy with the results we are achieving with Andres, that we have signed a 12 month contract with Manzo Fitness.

The truth, there are times when Andres rings that door bell and we want to tell him to go away, not today, (lol) of course we don't.   Andres is our motivation. We may not always feel like starting, but we love the way we feel after the workout, energized and proud we got through it!  

Thank you Andres!

Jim & Terry

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Edgar V. Selma, CA - I've trained with Manzo Fitness throughout the past year and have gotten leaner, stronger and more confident than what I used to be. At first I was nervous about doing personal training but eventually as I saw results I became more and more confident about myself and felt good about it. I'd definitely recommend Manzo Fitness and it's trainers, they go wherever you want to workout at and also make you a meal plan that they send you through their app which has a lot of features like a calendar, workout videos, private and group messaging and more.